One of our favorite installs of the past – Watch Hill Yacht Club

Last summer, Garage Headquarters completed one of our favorite projects to date – installing 16 overhead doors at the Watch Hill Yacht Club (WHYC).

Watch Hill Yacht Club

A great shot of the WHYC clubhouse that was restored in July of 2017.

Like many homes and businesses, the WHYC suffered catastrophic damage during the Superstorm Sandy in 2012.  The storm destroyed the entire first level of the clubhouse which was built right on the marina.

The destruction became the catalyst for the club’s renovation.  WHYC was raised with a new foundation that is 15 feet higher than the original and features a wash through entry-level floor where we installed 16 doors on all four sides.  These doors are operable during big storms, even as rising tides and waves blow through.  With the doors opened, seawater and marine debris will drain through the lower level, and not wreak havoc on the building.


The clubhouse before the renovation.

At Garage Headquarters, we pride ourselves on being a consultant and resource to builders and architects to find the right door for your project.  With this project, we were able to work with our client on finding the right solution for their specific needs.  The doors for this project are made of versatex so they won’t rot and rust with the salt air and water.  They also have extra struts to sustain during times of high wind.  We were able to install great looking doors that also met the needs of the customer resulting in the perfect solution for WHYC.

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Come check out our stunning showroom in Norwood, MA!

Seeing truly is believing!  Which is why we invite you and/or your customers to schedule a time to stop by our spacious showroom in Norwood, MA.

Our showroom features a display of full-size doors in multiple styles and colors, from the Quincy Premium Series to our Custom Wood Door Collection, just to name a few.  Our product experts on hand help guide you in making the right choice of panel, window, hardware, and color for your home.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

With the latest tools and technology, we can show what a new garage door would look like on a home using our Door View feature.  This interactive online design feature allows us to take a photo of the house with the current garage doors and swap in the design of your choosing.  This creates a stunning before and after photo to help with your decision.

Below is a great before & after example of using our door view feature. On the right is our American Legends Model. 

Brick House (2)Brick House After

Choosing and designing new doors is an exciting experience and we want to help you get as creative as possible. If you are interested in stopping by our showroom, call 877-624-2724 to schedule an appointment.

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Door of the Month Feature – American Legends Meets Milton, MA

Matt H Garage (2)

Shot of the recent install in Milton, MA

Very recently, we performed an install for a family at a home in Milton, MA. We installed our American Legends Collection, one of the more popular models in our repertoire. We worked with the customer by Keith Pentland, a builder for GDI home services. The owner is doing a significant renovation on nearly the entire house, including adding a new garage door. He met and worked alongside us, to help successfully install a beautiful new addition to his home.

We had the opportunity to speak with the Milton resident for his feedback on the install. When asked for his thoughts, he expressed nothing but great things to say about the entire operation. “Everything about the process could not have run smoother, from choosing the model type, to the day of the install, and everyone was very kind and helpful, I could not have been happier with how things went!” said the customer.

He especially made it a point to say that our GHQ salesman, Matthew Payne, who worked beside him throughout the entire operation, did an exceptionally great job. “Matt was great with every facet of the process” said the Milton resident. “He did a great job choosing out what specifically I was looking for, he didn’t try to force anything on me, but rather got me the best product for what would work and look the best”. He also said that he did a great job in communicating with him throughout, to confirm all was running smoothly, a critical part of his decision making process, where GHQ exceeded his expectations.

Matt H Garage (1)The GHQ American Legends Collection has a very stunning appearance at a reasonable price. The door is a strong steel structure with a vinyl face and overlays. It’s unique and stands out because it has a large 30″ window section with a smooth face (compared to other doors that have faux wood texture).  When looking at the pictures featured, the new doors really complement the architecture of the house in terms of the color and style, and now make for a beautiful entrance into the home.

This has been yet another successful install, where we’ve upgraded the look for another satisfied homeowner, and have created some jealous neighbors. We always appreciate when we receive feedback from pleased customers, and encourage anyone to reach out to us with any comments and feedback you might have!

Matt H Garage (3)

A great wide shot that really shows how the new doors fit in perfectly with the rest of the house.

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Door of the Month

For these 9×9 doors located in Jamestown, RI, we collaborated with Coble Craft Woodworking, to help design this beautiful project. These doors are mahogany on mahogany with douglas fir ply as a backer. The mix of dark and brown, both from the doors and house, as well as the outside lights give this home a very rustic and very stunning look.

IMG_0764Door of the Month photoIMG_0769

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Garage Door FAQ’S

Why should I use a professional garage door dealer/installer?A. At Garage Headquarters, we believe that the installation of a garage door is not a do-it-yourself job. A garage door is the largest moving object in your home and installation of a garage door is highly technical due to the large number of small parts. Connecting the springs can be particularly dangerous and proper installation is critical to the performance of your door.

Professional garage door dealer/installers can typically install a door in a few hours and are careful to make sure safety requirements are met. Installations by most homeowners typically span several days and cause much frustration. In addition, incorrect installation can void certain warranties, so we recommend a professional handle the job for you.

Q: I want to replace my old door, but don’t know how to dispose of my old one. Will my Garage Headquarters dealer take care of that?

A: Most garage door dealers will haul your old door away after the new door is installed for a small fee. Discuss this with your local dealer when you get an estimate on your new door.

Q: I’d like to purchase a Garage Headquarters steel door, but need a color other than those you offer. Can I paint the door once it’s installed?

A: Yes. All Garage Headquarters steel doors are pre-painted with a factory-applied baked-on coating that is suitable to be repainted. Garage Headquarters doors will accept a wide variety of commercially available latex exterior paints, when applied in accordance with the paint manufacturer’s recommendations. Do not use oil-based paints.

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Garage Headquarters: 3 goals of the company


At Garage Headquarters, to help better understand our customer needs, we always stop and look at things through their perspective. Our company was built on understanding the customer needs and how we can fulfill them, in the most fit and professional way.

We are committed to three vital objectives: Match your home with the specific style of architecture you want, installation in a timely and professional manner with the best door guaranteed, and for us to build and keep a durable level of trust between us and the customer.

  1. Clients come to us wanting to either upgrade or restore a part of their home. Some know in their mind specifically what they want, others have no idea where to even begin. At Garage Headquarters we are prepared to work with, step by step, to bring your dream to life. Designing your garage doors with us becomes a very exciting and creative process, as we offer a large number of door styles from modern to traditional, then allowing you to choose the color, window style etc. We take pride in working with you to help design a beautiful addition to your home, and as we like to say, create some jealous neighbors!
  2. Our customers come to us expecting that we fulfill their specific needs, , in a timely fashion and that we install the best product and provide the best service money can buy. Garage Headquarters offers the best of the best in garage door products, as well as the service of installing them. At competitive rates, we offer the finest and safest products available in multiple styles and designs. Our installers are highly qualified and certified technicians who will come and install or fix your door, in a quick and timely fashion. A special service we offer, is if you call us before noon, we will have same day service soon after. Your time is our time, we don’t want to waste it but rather get the job done in a timely and efficient manner, and make sure everything is safe and secure and of course looks perfect to your desire.
  3. Above all else at Garage Headquarters, our number one goal is to make sure you, the customer, is happy and satisfied. Trust is needed to make sure of this. As with anything in life, there needs to be a strong level of trust between us, the company, and you, the customer. You are putting your time, your money and most of all your trust in us that we will fulfill the solution to your need – without any issues or headaches. We want for you to have the best experience possible throughout this endeavor.
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DIY: What You Really Can Do Yourself.


So, to do yourself, or not? That is the question. Is DIY garage door maintenance or general upkeep something you can do yourself? Well, yes and no. There are definitely certain things you can keep an eye on, make sure they still work properly but there are also many things people try to do themselves and fail miserably. These failures can result in more money and headache than you originally started before your DIY pride got in the way.

What exactly can you do on your own? Well, here’s a few things you can do yourself:

  1. Tightening up all roller brackets several times a year.
  2. Check the garage door balance.
  3. Lubricate all moving parts of the garage door.
  4. Touch up weatherstripping with proper adhesive.
  5. Check the variety of safety features.




Now, go on, keep an eye on your garage door. In case something more serious happens, you know we are here to take care of you guys. Garage Headquarters is here to make sure your home is beautiful, and safe.

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There Are So Many Choices….I Need An Adult!!!

Gosh, so many garage door choices, so many different prices, so many styles. It’s overwhelming, we get it, but luckily we’re professionals and we can help you out. Below are a few things you should think about before you purchase that new door.


1. Modern or Classic? So there are a bunch of options even when just trying to narrow it down to just these. Normally, we like to look at, of course, your personal preference, but also what the outside of the house already looks like. It would not make much sense having a Victorian style house with a modern or barn-style door. Take a look, see what makes sense, don’t go over the top and have it be cohesive. Too much drastic changes in your home can result in a lack of curb appeal.


2. WiFi Or No WiFi? Having the latest and greatest technology is great! Forget to close your garage door? No worries, an app on your phone can close the door for you! Also, if you are starting to hop on the home automation train, having a WiFi enabled garage opener would be a great addition to your setup. There’s so many WiFi enabled devices to make your home do all sorts of cool things!


3. Is The Curb Appeal Worth It? Well, if you intend on selling your home in the future, then of course. If this is the home you will being staying in for many years, then you may have some concerns and we completely understand that. Increasing curb appeal for your particular home attracts potential wealthier neighbors in the future, plus forcing your current neighbors to step up their game!


This help you at all? Well give us a shoutout on our Facebook page, Twitter account, or LinkedIn page and we’d appreciate any feedback!

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So You Bought An Automotive Shop That Looks Like A Base Out Of “The Walking Dead”.

And you “saw the potential” in this place?!


You started looking around, planning out the construction, where the lifts will go, the tools, cooling system…And you realize after the initial shock, that holy smokes, this looks like something out of The Walking Dead or some post-apocalyptic Mad Max compound.

Well, now after you beat yourself up a bit, you finally buckle down and think…well I already own it and have the loan, might as well make this something I can use. All the inspectors come in, check out the damage and you start contemplating insurance fraud (just kidding…but maybe). So what’s the cheapest way to immediately start securing your building, at a reasonable cost while still looking good?

Ever think of a custom commercial garage door?







Yeah, something like that? Well over here at Garage Headquarters, we will assist you in any way we can with your new business, or if you’re looking for an upgrade to your existing door. We have a ton of products to choose from, and will customize it any way we possibly can to fit to your specific needs. Give us a call at (877) 624-2724 and set up an appointment for a FREE ESTIMATE!

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3 Reasons Why Your Rickety, Old Garage Door Needs A…Doorlift?


Get it? Facelift? Doorlift?

I know, horrible. But it made you click and really, that’s just awesome. I mean really, you’re a real peach coming by our blog and taking a look at the incredible info we have to offer.

Well, joking aside, your garage door is a crucial part to your home’s security. Here’s a little stat from the FBI that will wake you up: the average dollar lost per burglary in the US is roughly $2,185. OVER $2000!! That’s a lot of money to most of us! So, because we’re swell people over here at Garage Headquarters, here are a few reasons why replacing that dumpster fire of a garage door is more of a necessity than you think.



1. Because it looks like you can’t wait to get broken into. And you know what, that’s just wrong. Showing that you do not upkeep the necessities in your home means more likely that you spend your money on the unimportant things, like computers, phones and video games. These kinds of things are easy to sell quickly, giving the burglars the perfect incentive to break in.


2. Because technology is a heck of a thing! There are so many updates to garage doors, openers and keypads now to keep you, your family and your home more secure. Wifi garage door openers to make sure your door is always closed, even when you forget! (pssst. we sell the Liftmaster that’s in the picture above)


3. Because you want to look spiffy and secretly want to one-up all your neighbors. When you are trying to sell your home, or increase the cost of your home to match up with the other homes in the neighborhood, garage doors are an effective way to make your home look spiffy! Curb appeal is crucial for increasing your home’s worth, and also drives organic traffic to your open house!


Well, it’s been a real blast informing you incredible people about something as vitally important as your garage door. Give us a call or shoot us an email on our website and we’ll take care of you.

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