3 Reasons Why Your Rickety, Old Garage Door Needs A…Doorlift?


Get it? Facelift? Doorlift?

I know, horrible. But it made you click and really, that’s just awesome. I mean really, you’re a real peach coming by our blog and taking a look at the incredible info we have to offer.

Well, joking aside, your garage door is a crucial part to your home’s security. Here’s a little stat from the FBI that will wake you up: the average dollar lost per burglary in the US is roughly $2,185. OVER $2000!! That’s a lot of money to most of us! So, because we’re swell people over here at Garage Headquarters, here are a few reasons why replacing that dumpster fire of a garage door is more of a necessity than you think.



1. Because it looks like you can’t wait to get broken into. And you know what, that’s just wrong. Showing that you do not upkeep the necessities in your home means more likely that you spend your money on the unimportant things, like computers, phones and video games. These kinds of things are easy to sell quickly, giving the burglars the perfect incentive to break in.


2. Because technology is a heck of a thing! There are so many updates to garage doors, openers and keypads now to keep you, your family and your home more secure. Wifi garage door openers to make sure your door is always closed, even when you forget! (pssst. we sell the Liftmaster that’s in the picture above)


3. Because you want to look spiffy and secretly want to one-up all your neighbors. When you are trying to sell your home, or increase the cost of your home to match up with the other homes in the neighborhood, garage doors are an effective way to make your home look spiffy! Curb appeal is crucial for increasing your home’s worth, and also drives organic traffic to your open house!


Well, it’s been a real blast informing you incredible people about something as vitally important as your garage door. Give us a call or shoot us an email on our website www.garageheadquarters.com and we’ll take care of you.

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