So You Bought An Automotive Shop That Looks Like A Base Out Of “The Walking Dead”.

And you “saw the potential” in this place?!


You started looking around, planning out the construction, where the lifts will go, the tools, cooling system…And you realize after the initial shock, that holy smokes, this looks like something out of The Walking Dead or some post-apocalyptic Mad Max compound.

Well, now after you beat yourself up a bit, you finally buckle down and think…well I already own it and have the loan, might as well make this something I can use. All the inspectors come in, check out the damage and you start contemplating insurance fraud (just kidding…but maybe). So what’s the cheapest way to immediately start securing your building, at a reasonable cost while still looking good?

Ever think of a custom commercial garage door?







Yeah, something like that? Well over here at Garage Headquarters, we will assist you in any way we can with your new business, or if you’re looking for an upgrade to your existing door. We have a ton of products to choose from, and will customize it any way we possibly can to fit to your specific needs. Give us a call at (877) 624-2724 and set up an appointment for a FREE ESTIMATE!

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