There Are So Many Choices….I Need An Adult!!!

Gosh, so many garage door choices, so many different prices, so many styles. It’s overwhelming, we get it, but luckily we’re professionals and we can help you out. Below are a few things you should think about before you purchase that new door.


1. Modern or Classic? So there are a bunch of options even when just trying to narrow it down to just these. Normally, we like to look at, of course, your personal preference, but also what the outside of the house already looks like. It would not make much sense having a Victorian style house with a modern or barn-style door. Take a look, see what makes sense, don’t go over the top and have it be cohesive. Too much drastic changes in your home can result in a lack of curb appeal.


2. WiFi Or No WiFi? Having the latest and greatest technology is great! Forget to close your garage door? No worries, an app on your phone can close the door for you! Also, if you are starting to hop on the home automation train, having a WiFi enabled garage opener would be a great addition to your setup. There’s so many WiFi enabled devices to make your home do all sorts of cool things!


3. Is The Curb Appeal Worth It? Well, if you intend on selling your home in the future, then of course. If this is the home you will being staying in for many years, then you may have some concerns and we completely understand that. Increasing curb appeal for your particular home attracts potential wealthier neighbors in the future, plus forcing your current neighbors to step up their game!


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