DIY: What You Really Can Do Yourself.


So, to do yourself, or not? That is the question. Is DIY garage door maintenance or general upkeep something you can do yourself? Well, yes and no. There are definitely certain things you can keep an eye on, make sure they still work properly but there are also many things people try to do themselves and fail miserably. These failures can result in more money and headache than you originally started before your DIY pride got in the way.

What exactly can you do on your own? Well, here’s a few things you can do yourself:

  1. Tightening up all roller brackets several times a year.
  2. Check the garage door balance.
  3. Lubricate all moving parts of the garage door.
  4. Touch up weatherstripping with proper adhesive.
  5. Check the variety of safety features.




Now, go on, keep an eye on your garage door. In case something more serious happens, you know we are here to take care of you guys. Garage Headquarters is here to make sure your home is beautiful, and safe.

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