Garage Headquarters: 3 goals of the company


At Garage Headquarters, to help better understand our customer needs, we always stop and look at things through their perspective. Our company was built on understanding the customer needs and how we can fulfill them, in the most fit and professional way.

We are committed to three vital objectives: Match your home with the specific style of architecture you want, installation in a timely and professional manner with the best door guaranteed, and for us to build and keep a durable level of trust between us and the customer.

  1. Clients come to us wanting to either upgrade or restore a part of their home. Some know in their mind specifically what they want, others have no idea where to even begin. At Garage Headquarters we are prepared to work with, step by step, to bring your dream to life. Designing your garage doors with us becomes a very exciting and creative process, as we offer a large number of door styles from modern to traditional, then allowing you to choose the color, window style etc. We take pride in working with you to help design a beautiful addition to your home, and as we like to say, create some jealous neighbors!
  2. Our customers come to us expecting that we fulfill their specific needs, , in a timely fashion and that we install the best product and provide the best service money can buy. Garage Headquarters offers the best of the best in garage door products, as well as the service of installing them. At competitive rates, we offer the finest and safest products available in multiple styles and designs. Our installers are highly qualified and certified technicians who will come and install or fix your door, in a quick and timely fashion. A special service we offer, is if you call us before noon, we will have same day service soon after. Your time is our time, we don’t want to waste it but rather get the job done in a timely and efficient manner, and make sure everything is safe and secure and of course looks perfect to your desire.
  3. Above all else at Garage Headquarters, our number one goal is to make sure you, the customer, is happy and satisfied. Trust is needed to make sure of this. As with anything in life, there needs to be a strong level of trust between us, the company, and you, the customer. You are putting your time, your money and most of all your trust in us that we will fulfill the solution to your need – without any issues or headaches. We want for you to have the best experience possible throughout this endeavor.
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