One of our favorite installs of the past – Watch Hill Yacht Club

Last summer, Garage Headquarters completed one of our favorite projects to date – installing 16 overhead doors at the Watch Hill Yacht Club (WHYC).

Watch Hill Yacht Club

A great shot of the WHYC clubhouse that was restored in July of 2017.

Like many homes and businesses, the WHYC suffered catastrophic damage during the Superstorm Sandy in 2012.  The storm destroyed the entire first level of the clubhouse which was built right on the marina.

The destruction became the catalyst for the club’s renovation.  WHYC was raised with a new foundation that is 15 feet higher than the original and features a wash through entry-level floor where we installed 16 doors on all four sides.  These doors are operable during big storms, even as rising tides and waves blow through.  With the doors opened, seawater and marine debris will drain through the lower level, and not wreak havoc on the building.


The clubhouse before the renovation.

At Garage Headquarters, we pride ourselves on being a consultant and resource to builders and architects to find the right door for your project.  With this project, we were able to work with our client on finding the right solution for their specific needs.  The doors for this project are made of versatex so they won’t rot and rust with the salt air and water.  They also have extra struts to sustain during times of high wind.  We were able to install great looking doors that also met the needs of the customer resulting in the perfect solution for WHYC.

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